Prepare Your Marketing Materials


Your marketing materials are the building blocks of a traditional job search (résumé, cover letter) or the start-up gear of the entrepreneur (website, promotional literature, business plan). You’ll need to create these things to showcase the skills, talents, and accomplishments you bring to the table in your new field.

It is essential that you don’t send out your materials without “translating” them first. Each industry has its terms and acronyms and learning that dialect is at the heart of the reinvention process. When presenting yourself to prospective employers or clients, it’s up to you to share your background experience in their language, so they understand what you have to offer.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 8: Reinvention Resumes and Cover Letters

10 Laws Book – Law 8: They Won’t “Get” You Until You Speak Their Language

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