Stage 3: Strategy


Outline Your Tactical Plan

You’ll need a framework for conducting your launch, and that’s what a tactical plan does for you. It gives you a blueprint for organizing yourself and ensures that all the critical areas are covered. Consider it a “business plan” for your reinvention!

One thing to note: though you must handle all aspects of the plan, customizing it to fit your circumstances and personality measurably improves your chances of success.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 5: Crafting Your Reinvention Strategy

Reinvention Personality Quiz

Recruit Your Reinvention Team

Career reinvention is a team effort, not a one-person game. You can’t do this alone! It’s really important to ask key people in your world to be in your corner as you brainstorm ideas, take action, and navigate rough patches along the way.

For your team, you’ll need to have both a Reinvention Board of advisors and a circle of like-minded people (that’s us!) who act a source of ideas, support, and accountability.

Resource(s) to help with this step:

Module 6: Assembling Your Reinvention Team

10 Laws Book – Law 6: Your Reinvention Board is Your Lifeline

Reinvention Launch Club community

Put Your Funding In Place

Let’s get one thing straight: money, while a nice result, isn’t the ultimate goal of reinvention. It is a tool you use to launch yourself and buy time until your new life is in place.

That said, it is also important to understand your “money signifier”. This is the underlying meaning you’ve assigned to money in your mind (e.g. “money = freedom”) and helps you pinpoint a deeper goal for your reinvention.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 5: Crafting Your Reinvention Strategy

Bonus Module: Money and Reinvention

Assemble Your Reinvention Toolkit

Your toolkit is comprised of the skills and you’ve developed over the years. They’re not the tasks you’ve done in past jobs, they’re the talents you’ve used to do the work. Your skills can be applied in a myriad of ways, and this is what allows you to reinvent yourself.

To use your toolkit effectively, you must know what you have on hand and be willing to fill in any gaps.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 7: Building Your Reinvention Toolkit

Bonus Module: Your Reinvention Story

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