Reinvention Roadmap

No matter where you are in your journey, this map helps you get everything covered so you can reach your goal with ease.

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How to use this roadmap

Reinvention is a journey with a series of distinct stages. To reach your goal, you must learn to play both the outer game of tactics AND the inner game of mindset.

Most people make the mistake of focusing primarily on the tactical game (do the resume! apply for jobs!) without ensuring that their beliefs and attitudes are in alignment with their actions. When you do this, you won’t get traction, or you’ll crumble at critical moments.

This Roadmap provides you with a guide for what you’ll need to do as you navigate each stage of your reinvention. It includes links to the relevant Launch Club content and other materials like my book, The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention, that will help you with each step.

As you begin your reinvention, here are two important things to remember:

  • Though this Roadmap is laid out as a linear progression, your journey will be far more fluid.  It is completely normal to move forward, then go back and revisit a prior stage.
  • Like a GPS this map outlines a route; however, no two trips are alike. You may take a detour to explore a road less traveled or decide to hang out in the neighborhood of mindset for a while.

The bottom line is this: to be successful, you must customize this journey and make it your own.

Now let’s get started!

Understand your ‘why’

To be truly happy, your career must serve your life, not vice versa. In the beginning, if you don’t think about what you seek in life—apart from work—in the end, you’ll get a new job but you won’t get what you want.

Think of your ‘why’ as your purpose in embarking on this journey. Work may be the catalyst that gets you started, but your ‘why’ is your personal North Star that will guide you along the way.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 1: Organizing Your Reinvention Goals

Get clear on what you want

You might have heard the saying “If you can see it, you can be it.” That’s the principle you want to employ in your reinvention. You’re creating a vision for your new career AND your new life!

When people come to me, one of the biggest causes of unhappiness I see is that there’s a conflict between the life that they want to be living vs. the life their job delivers. So you’ll begin by getting clear on the lifestyle you want FIRST, then you’ll move on to brainstorming ways to create it.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 1: Organizing Your Reinvention Goals

10 Laws Book – Law 1: It Starts With a Vision for Your Life

Brainstorm multiple ideas

Rather than fixating on one single target for your reinvention, it’s really important to challenge yourself to consider the road less traveled and come up with a few paths to explore— that’s where so many new opportunities are hanging out!

This also prevents you from putting all your reinvention eggs in one basket. If one idea doesn’t pan out, you’ve got a few others in your back pocket.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 3: Brainstorming Your Reinvention Ideas

10 Laws Book – Law 4: What You Seek is on the Road Less Traveled

Optimize your mindset for reinvention

Beyond the tactical level of reinvention—the actual tasks you perform to execute your plan—lies another equally critical aspect—what you think and believe, and how you feel about what you’re trying to create.

When it comes to reinvention, your mindset matters as much as your action plan. If you don’t get your head right, making the change you crave is like trying to drive with your parking brake on: lots of effort for minimal progress.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 2: Creating a Reinvention Mindset

Bonus Module: Release and Reinvention

Banish your myths and manage your fears

Myths are subconscious beliefs or unrealistic ideas that block you from moving forward. They either force your dreams to carry too much weight (“my life will be perfect once I’m out of this job”), or they cause you to limit your opportunities (“no one over the age of 40 gets hired”).

Fear, on the other hand, is a biological response that we, as humans, are hard-wired to feel. In your reinvention journey, you’ll need to learn how to manage and partner with your fears vs. trying to master them. 

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 4: Getting Past Your Fears

Give yourself permission

Giving yourself permission to pursue what you want is critical before you can go out and make it happen. Although you might think this happens automatically—“Of course it’s okay to go for what I want!”—the minute you start envisioning a new lifestyle, from the depths a question will arise: Is it okay?

Reinvention requires you to write yourself permission slips that make it okay to want what you want and to have what you want.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 4: Getting Past Your Fears

Set aside your excuses

Excuses are very enticing! They deliver an escape hatch that provides you with the perfect “reason” for avoiding or delaying the discomfort of change.

To be successful in this journey, though, you have to want to reach your reinvention goal more than want to hold on to your excuses. When you give up excuse-making, it forces you to step into your creativity, solve challenges, and grow.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 2: Creating a Reinvention Mindset

Module 4: Getting Past Your Fears

10 Laws Book – Law 3: Progress Begins When You Stop Making Excuses

Outline your tactical plan

You’ll need a framework for conducting your launch, and that’s what a tactical plan does for you. It gives you a blueprint for organizing yourself and ensures that all the critical areas are covered. Consider it a “business plan” for your reinvention!

One thing to note: though you must handle all aspects of the plan, customizing it to fit your circumstances and personality measurably improves your chances of success. 

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 5: Crafting Your Reinvention Strategy

Reinvention Personality Quiz

Recruit your reinvention team

Career reinvention is a team effort, not a one-person game. You can’t do this alone! It’s really important to ask key people in your world to be in your corner as you brainstorm ideas, take action, and navigate rough patches along the way.

For your team, you’ll need to have both a Reinvention Board of advisors and a circle of like-minded people (that’s us!) who act a source of ideas, support, and accountability.

Resource(s) to help with this step:

Module 6: Assembling Your Reinvention Team

10 Laws Book – Law 6: Your Reinvention Board is Your Lifeline

Reinvention Launch Club community

Put your funding in place

Let’s get one thing straight: money, while a nice result, isn’t the ultimate goal of reinvention. It is a tool you use to launch yourself and buy time until your new life is in place.

That said, it is also important to understand your “money signifier”. This is the underlying meaning you’ve assigned to money in your mind (e.g. “money = freedom”) and helps you pinpoint a deeper goal for your reinvention.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 5: Crafting Your Reinvention Strategy

Bonus Module: Money and Reinvention

Assemble your reinvention toolkit

Your toolkit is comprised of the skills and you’ve developed over the years. They’re not the tasks you’ve done in past jobs, they’re the talents you’ve used to do the work. Your skills can be applied in a myriad of ways, and this is what allows you to reinvent yourself.

To use your toolkit effectively, you must know what you have on hand and be willing to fill in any gaps.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 7: Building Your Reinvention Toolkit

Bonus Module: Your Reinvention Story

Prepare your marketing materials

Your marketing materials are the building blocks of a traditional job search (résumé, cover letter) or the start-up gear of the entrepreneur (website, promotional literature, business plan). You’ll need to create these things to showcase the skills, talents, and accomplishments you bring to the table in your new field.

It is essential that you don’t send out your materials without “translating” them first. Each industry has its terms and acronyms and learning that dialect is at the heart of the reinvention process. When presenting yourself to prospective employers or clients, it’s up to you to share your background experience in their language, so they understand what you have to offer.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 8: Reinvention Resumes and Cover Letters

10 Laws Book – Law 8: They Won’t “Get” You Until You Speak Their Language

Reach out to people

Networking can seem like a scary term, but don’t panic! In reinvention you’ll focus on building relationships, so instead of it being a quick hustle you’re in it for the long haul.

In addition to the long view, you’ll also need to drive the action and think about how you can be helpful to others. This turns networking into to nurturing so that you can harvest the fruit of your efforts for years to come.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 9: Networking Tips and Search Strategies

Learn how to create opportunity

Many people believe that opportunity is a factor of luck, like winning a lottery, and that we can’t influence whether or not possibility shows up in our lives.

Not true! Opportunity is like air—everywhere—and the first step is just to see it. Once you do, you’ll need to reverse your ‘automatic no,’ tune in to the messages from your body and take intentional action to cultivate it. These tactics turn what seemed like a game of chance into a skill that you can master.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 10: How to Create Opportunity

10 Laws Book – Law 2: Your Body is Your Best Guide

Manage your expectations

You may think there’s a direct correlation between your level of effort and the speed of the outcome. But reinvention is a mix of factors you can control and elements you don’t, which means that more work does not automatically equal faster results.

The truth is that progress does occur in reinvention—in its own good time. To reach your goal, you’ll need to set aside arbitrary deadlines and settle into the flow of your journey.

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 11: Building Momentum

10 Laws Book – Law 9: It Takes the Time That it Takes

Build daily habits of success

Successful reinvention is the direct result of taking small steps, daily, towards your goals. You must consciously create habits that support what you want.

One of the fundamental practices I ask of all my clients is to keep a Daily Success List. If you’ve not already started one, time to get going! Here’s what you’ll do:

At the end of each day, write down four successes, large or small, work-related or not, in a little notebook.

The Daily Success List is a powerful tool that trains your brain to notice your progress and is your first daily habit of success. *smile*

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 11: Building Momentum

Module 2: Creating a Reinvention Mindset

Clear problems and roadblocks

Like all (s)heroes, you will encounter trials during your reinvention journey. You’ll face challenges both tactical and mindset-related; you may have a crisis of faith, find yourself running low on funds, or not getting traction in your search.

This is normal.

What separates successful Reinventors from those still living in fantasy-land is a willingness to solve problems. So get ready to dust off your shield, survey the field, and slay a few dragons!

Resource(s) to help you with this step:

Module 12: Clearing Problems and Roadblocks

Module 2: Creating a Reinvention Mindset

10 Laws Book – Law 10: The World Buys Into an Aura of Success