How to Create Your Own Luck

What You Need To Know About Creating Opportunity

Quote: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Is it true we don’t control luck or opportunity? No!

Opportunity is everywhere. Not seeing opportunity means we’ve selected out things we think are untenable.


  • People who complain that there is ‘no opportunity’ are often are sitting back and waiting for something to happen. You must get into motion so things can flow in and opportunity can show up.
  • Zig Ziglar says ‘People don’t tend to wander around and suddenly find themselves on the top of Mount Everest’—this is INTENTIONAL ACTIVITY.
  • You don’t need a full plan—just the next step. Many times the second step is not what you think.

Step #2: MINDSET

  • Inattentional blindness—what’s right in front of you that you’re not seeing?
  • Automatic ‘NO’—what are you seeing but rejecting out-of-hand without exploring it?
  • Intuition—what signals is your body giving you that you’re ignoring?
  • Space—are you so narrowly focused on a single goal that there’s no space for other paths to show up?

Practical Magic is a way to create vs. 100% DIY. Let life help you. Be willing to practice.

Coaching Action Steps

Click on this link to download the Opportunity Action Guide for more tips and exercises on creating opportunity.

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