Taking Action!

Taking Action!

All good stories have a call to action. How you drive the action forward depends upon the platform:

  • Resume & Bio: This is a subtle “marketing” message as a call to action; you create such a compelling document that your target just wants to talk to you.
  • Cover Letter: More direct call to action; if you have the contact details of your target it is best to say that you will follow up with them (and do!). If you don’t have their information, say that you are interested and that you look forward to their call (this is intention as action!).
  • Business Cards: Again, a subtle call to action; asking for their card allows you to follow up and thereby control the next step of the process. If they don’t have a card, ask them to write their info on the back of yours!
  • Website: If you have a site, a call to action means including a way for your prospects to contact you in all media (e-mail, phone number, mailing address).
  • Verbal: Your goal is to design your elevator speech and other statements to compel your target to say, “Tell me more.” By engaging targets and gaining their interest, you open the door to the next-level call to action (asking for a business card or an informational meeting).

IMPORTANT: For the call to action, you should always think about your next step (getting the business card, asking for the next interview, asking for the referral).

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