A Revolutionary Recipe for Expanding Your Vitality

Fifteen years ago, Joyce O’Brien was running a hedge fund on Wall Street, working 120-hour weeks, and raising an 8 month-old baby girl.

She was living her life in “survival mode.” She was powering through, rushing to work, rushing home, and living the life of the typical burnt-out executive.

Everything changed when she was 33. Her husband suffered a severe and debilitating brain hemorrhage and she was diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer. Two years later, she was diagnosed with another stage-4 cancer and her husband, stage-3 melanoma. She and her husband had been powering through and succeeding at life, but their bodies had finally sent them a clear sign that they couldn’t keep living in survival mode.

Fifteen years later, Joyce and her family are thriving against all expectations. But she is living an astonishingly different life. For Joyce, her diagnosis was the catalyst that sent her on a journey of transcending her “survival” lifestyle and learning the five levels on which she had to nurture herself in order to thrive:

One: Health
Two: Environment
Three: Mindset
Four: Emotional
Five: Spiritual

For Joyce, nurturing herself on one of these levels is the absolute key to achieving vitality in all other levels and aspects of her life. Tune in this week to learn how Joyce overhauled her health, environment, mindset, emotions, and spirituality to create a revolutionary recipe for expanding your vitality. And if you’re wondering how she could possibly have overcome all of the obstacles in front of her, she’ll teach you how searching for answers and never accepting that things have to be the way that they are now is the key living in integrity with yourself.

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A Revolutionary Recipe for Expanding Your Vitality with special guest Joyce O’Brien

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