Why do Reinvention Roadblocks Occur?

What You Need To Know About Solving Problems and Getting Past Roadblocks

In my book, The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention, it’s kind of basic.

There are roadblocks that are internal. There are external roadblocks. The internal ones deal with your emotions. The external ones deal with legitimacy and the marketplace.

In thinking about what it takes to really overcome roadblocks, whether they are internal or external, the thing I distilled it down to was that it requires creativity.

Usually, roadblocks happen when we have one particular idea in mind about how something is supposed to run, whether it is internal and emotional or externally in a situation we’re facing.

We try to use our usual method, and it doesn’t work. We’re forced to be creative, step outside that usual method and come up with new ideas to solve that problem, overcome that roadblock and jump that hurdle.

Coaching Action Steps

Step 1: Make a list of five examples from your past where you were able to
overcome roadblocks or where you gave yourself permission to do
something despite opposition.

Step 2: This week take one step to overcome a barrier or a fear!

Click on this link to download the Roadblocks Action Guide for more tips and exercises to help you overcome reinvention roadblocks.

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