What Happens When Your Actions Support Your Goal but Your Words Don’t?

When Your Actions Support Your Goal But Your Words Don’t

LOOKS LIKE: A lot of effort, not quite hitting your goal.

PROBLEM: There’s an issue with your subconscious belief system.

  • Internal belief that’s at cross-purposes to your goal
  • Story: Coaching client prospect
    • Interviewing but kept getting knocked out in the last round
    • “I don’t have an MBA. I try to spin that as best I can.” Belief—“My experience is not valuable.”
    • Unconscious beliefs leak out

SOLUTION: Shift your belief system.

  • Reflect on what beliefs could be holding you back

TIP: Be willing to be wrong.

Coaching Action Steps

Step 1: Clearing Out Beliefs What outdated ideas, myths or ‘supposed to dos’ am I holding on to that could block my reinvention efforts?

Step 2: My ‘one thing’: When I release this belief, it will make everything else easier…

Step 3: Weekly commitment: Three things I will do this week to make this shift…

Click on this link to download the Release Action Guide for more tips and exercises to help you let go of old beliefs.

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