Moving Past Limiting Situations


The third area that needs to be cleared out are circumstances.
Now, circumstances are situations that exist in our lives outside ourselves that have an impact on our reinvention.

Here’s the thing. There are some circumstances we control and others that we don’t.

Let me give you a very quick example of circumstances that we control. Saying, “I am so busy. I cannot do this.” Maybe if you look at your schedule, those commitments that are on your schedule are self-created commitments. Are you volunteering for three different groups? Do you belong to five different book clubs?

All of these things have an impact on your availability. Some of these situations that are causing stress or blocking you, drawing from your ability to grow the result you want in your reinvention, are self-created. You’re the one that’s made those commitments.

A second area of circumstances are ones that we don’t control, or that are outside ourselves.

Those would be situations in our life like maybe we’re caring for an elderly parent or a sick child.
In those cases, no, we do not have control over those situations, and yes, they do impact our reinvention results. However, there is a clearing that needs to happen with that, and it is not clearing the situation because obviously you can’t. What you have to do is clear your resistance to that situation because the situation exists.

We all have these kinds situations in our lives.

Once you’ve stopped the resistance, once you’ve cleared out the resistance around it, now it unlocks nutrients. It unlocks energy that can be utilized for the result you want. Those constraints that exist in our lives, and we all have constraints, those are things that can be worked around if we are not resisting them.

That’s how you work around the ones that are part of your life that you can’t control.

Coaching Action Steps

Step 1: What commitments have I made that are blocking me from my reinvention? What life challenges do I need to accept?

Step 2: My ‘one thing’: When I release this commitment, it will make everything else easier…

Step 3: Weekly commitment: Three things I will do this week to make this shift…

Click on this link to download the Release Action Guide for more tips and exercises to help you let go of circumstances which aren’t serving your reinvention.

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