Letting Go of Unsupportive People

Letting Go Of People

Then the fourth area. Yeah, I am going to go there. I am going to say it. People. We do need to do some release and clearing around people.

Now, I am not talking about getting rid of everybody in your life. Those who surround you, our spouses, our partners, our friends, our parents, our colleagues, our children, our community, we need that support, but it’s important to understand who fills your cup and helps you move forward and who doesn’t. Then begin to make some choices around that because there are people that you will need to release to move forward.

Here’s the thing. There are people that you need to release, but you may not be able to release them physically.

Maybe if it’s a friend, like an old friend, maybe a Facebook friend that is not supportive… every time you say something on Facebook about what you’re doing, they’re the ones with that negative little jabbing comment. Well, yeah, you can block them because, hey, who needs that person from your past that’s not supporting you?

But if there are people close to you who are not supportive, I am not advocating getting rid of them. What I am saying is that when you need to release, you need to release your investment in having them support you.

Not everybody is going to support you in your reinvention. If you are invested in having particular people there by your side, you will be disappointed. If you can’t release the person, release your investment in having that support and seek your support elsewhere.

This is important to understand that it is possible. You don’t have to get your support from every place that you think you should. You need to survey the people in your world and make sure that the ones that are filling your cup are there and helping nurture and that the ones that are not, you are either letting go physically or you’re letting go of your emotional investment in them.

Coaching Action Steps

Step 1: Who is so unsupportive of my reinvention that I either need to let them go or dial back my interactions with them? And what loved one do I need to release my emotional investment in having them approve of my reinvention?

Step 2: My ‘one thing’: When I release this person, it will make everything else easier…

Step 3: Weekly commitment: Three things I will do this week to make this shift…

Click on this link to download the Release Action Guide for more tips and exercises to help you let go of unsupportive people.

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