Priming Your Mind for Ideas

Priming The Mind For Ideas

How to Get Ideas, by Jack Foster

    1. Have Fun
    • Unexpected element, relaxing the mind
    2. Become Idea Prone
    • Be preoccupied with the possibilities of new combinations—know that ideas exist, they’re infinite, and there’s more than one in response to the challenge—and know that you will find them
    3. Set Your Mind on Goals
    4. Be More like a Child
    • To children, there is no last time—every time is the first time—they don’t have the history, the narrative
    5. Get More Inputs
    • Get out of your rut—doing the same thing, eating the same things for breakfast, reading the same parts of the newspaper
      • Go to lunch with someone different
      • Listen intently to music you don’t like
    6. Screw Up Your Courage
    • No bad ideas—find a use for it
    • You can always get a better idea
    7. Rethink Your Thinking
    • Change your usual method—think visually
    • Think laterally—make jumps, don’t follow the logical path, take side roads
    8. Learn How to Combine
    • Play “What if”
    • Look to other fields for help

Coaching Action Steps

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