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I have the impact I've always wanted!
Now we live in our dream home. I run a thriving business. I have freedom and control over my time. And my work and my personal values are perfectly aligned.
If you are ready for your life to be transformed and for your authentic self to be reintroduced to you, call Coach Pamela and work with The Reinvention Institute and your life will change for the better.
Rory Verrett
Founder, Protégé Search
I'm excited to get up and go to work!
I have the great fortune of every day of my life, waking up in the morning and doing what I love. I get to go on a live-aboard dive yacht for a week and get paid for it. This is just a testament to how wonderful my life has become. The Reinvention Institute cares about people’s success, and you honestly couldn’t do better to find someone to help guide you in your reinvention.
Rachel Davis
Digital Marketing Specialist
I realized that anything is possible!
I currently live between London and the French Alps in a ski resort. And it was all through my reinvention that I got there. I realized I could expand my range greatly, trying new things. I realized that anything is possible. I decided that I wanted to do what Coach Pamela does, so I went through coach training, and here I am today. I hope you come along on this amazing journey!
Corry Klein
Financial Trainer & Coach

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